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How Much it cost to make App like Zomato ?


Let's Take A Look Inside Any Food Delivery App ->


Online food ordering business is the leading fast-growing all over the world. The restaurant is a place to eat different foods. As the world has adapted to different cultures and cooking styles, we see an ascent in the number of eateries, bistros, and food joints. With the expanded interest in good dieting, a consistently expanding number of dishes are coming up every day. Nowadays you can choose your restaurant for food.


 The comfort and influence of ordering food online from anyplace at some random point in time have grabbed the eye of customers in 21st-century buyers. According to the late overview eateries that are connected with online food conveyance applications benefit 47% more than the non-connected ones.


Online Food Delivery App development Features

An online food Ordering application is a platform where customers signup for ordering food, book restaurants. They can either join with their email address, web-based media account, or by utilizing One Time Password.

1. User App-

The page shows up once the customer login into the application. There are important features and functions in a food ordering app homepage.

2.Details of the Restaurant-

The customers are able to access basic details. This contains the restaurant name, location, the food offered by the restaurant, the class of restaurant, opening and close time, Photos of the food, and the see the normal expense of the dishes.

3.User Profile-

On the off chance that somebody is hoping to build up an online food ordering application, they should remember to incorporate the customer profile in their application improvement. Customers as a rule share a summary of their favored dishes and restaurants which saves the client's looking through time.

4.The Menu with Price Details -

Customers have an option to find different restaurants and foods to compare the prices and from restaurants, They can just search the name of the restaurants.

5.The Booking and Ordering Facility -

Any food ordering application able to give customers a choice to book a table early. This feature helps to decrease the crowd in a restaurant for seats. Also, customers book food and seat location.

6.In-App Payment -

Another important component of your application is the payment gateway. This special feature allows customers to pay money directly using the application. Whenever anyone needs an online food ordering application like Swiggy has payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree, Paytm wallet, or even credit/check card.

7.Ratings and Reviews

This feature shows the rating and reviews about a restaurant which include pricing, customer service, hygiene of the restaurants. it helps other customers before they visit the restaurant.



  • Admin Panel

    This panel provides access to the admin to make decisions like responding to reviews of the customers and to even block or delete users if it needs. Other functions of this panel include.

  • Order management
  • Revenue reports
  • Usage analytics
  • Catalog management and many more.


    Let's Analyse Actual Cost:

    Apps like swiggy and zomato development costs are higher than normal food delivery apps because they have a huge database with a high volume of customers and vendors. The cost of food delivery depends on various factors. Such as


    a ). App Size

    App size matters to decide a food ordering app development cost. the most user-oriented, handle big database, operate multiple functionalities it cost higher to compare a normal food ordering app.


    b). App platform

    Customers have different devices with different operating systems such as “Android and IOS”. Swiggy and Zomato operate both operating systems if you build an app only for one operating system then it’s low but if you develop an app for both ios and Android it’s high. The better option does some research about customers.


    c). Database and APIs

    Food delivery apps are running multiple functionalities at a time like order processing, payment processing, GPS tracking, restaurant data update, etc. It needs good  APIs to run all the operations smoothly.


    d). UI/UX Design

    App development is not the only solution to build an app with a good interface design and user experience plays an important role to bring customer and satisfaction. A good design helps customers use the app smoothly and able to use features provided by the developer.


    e). Testing

    Testing an application is most important to test every single function and design before publishing because it helps to the customer use this app smoothly without any problem. Also, it helps understand how the app handles multiple operations without lag and crash.

    Considering all of the factors and resources, time, multiple features, and designs it takes at leastINR 5 Lac or $ 6000 Approx ”according to the Indian market.